• Scenic Artist January 25, 2023
    Red Door Escape Room in Fort Worth, TX is looking to hire numerous Scenic Painters as our shop demand grows while we continue to open more locations across the country. Job Type: Full time, non-exempt; 35 – 45 hours per week. Starting Compensation: $15 – $17 per hour depending on experience. Standard overtime rates apply.
  • Scenic Charge Artist January 23, 2023
    Position Summary APTP seeks an experienced and talented Scenic Charge Artist (and additional Scenic Artists) capable of replicating the age and character of a 100-year-old Chicago apartment building down to the layers of caked paint, worn hardwood floors, and maybe even some carved initials in the molding. We are seeking someone with strong experience in
  • Scenic Artist January 21, 2023
    Job Dates May 12- August 20 end date can be discussed if you need to return to school Go to for full job description and more information. Scenic Artist (Pay $425 per week/housing provided) The Scenic artist is responsible for working with the Scenic Designer, Technical Director, and Artistic Director in the laying out,
  • Scenic Artist/Designer January 21, 2023
    Job Dates 06/02/23 – 07/31/23 All positions are paid and no-cost housing is also provided. *See job duties below. Scenic Painter/Scenic Designer (Popcorn Theatre): Responsible for executing the Scenic Designer’s artistic vision that has been portrayed in renderings and necessary elevations and serves as Scenic Designer for all Popcorn Theatre shows. ● Takes stock of
  • Scenic Charge January 21, 2023
    Job Dates 05/30/23 – 07/30/23 Serves as manager of paint shop, is in charge of interpreting design and renderings and execution of all scenic paint techniques. Works with Scenic Designer, TD, ATD, Shop Manager on workflow.

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  • Reply To: Rosco Transparent Glaze Alternatives January 21, 2023
    I agree with Lili. Nova Color is a great product line of durable paints and varnishes. I have never had their varnishes fail. Modern Masters Dead Flat Exterior Varnish also works for a lot of finishes, although it can be cost-prohibitive.
    Patricia Mondana
  • Reply To: Slippery Floor- a strategy!!! November 29, 2022
    Hi Angelique, I have also used that Anti Slip additive, and it has usually been put in the sealer after we realize the floor is too slippery. It is NOT a great solution visually.  It kind of gets clumped up at the bottom of the sealer bucket and just looks crappy.  Safety-wise it helped a […]
  • Reply To: issues with ultramarine blue! November 25, 2022
    Hi, Jeffrey- thank you for testing, very generous of you. Well, I think part of the problem might lie in my using Off Bway. (I remember a time when the Ultramarine Blue ROB got quite gritty as it got older, evidence of pigment  and not dye being added.) I think I am going to have […]
    Cristina Anselmo
  • Reply To: issues with ultramarine blue! November 18, 2022
    Hello Cristina~ I was curious so I did some testing on a black primed board. I tried my Super Sat Ultramarine (which may not be your first choice over black but it covered) and also sampled  a mix of Nova Cerulean Blue (opaque) mixed with Nova Ultramarine (transparent) and that made a very nice color. […]
    Jeffrey Cook
  • Reply To: clear-drying, flexible glues November 17, 2022
    Gratitude for the responders! UPDATE: Since I posted last, Jenny Knott visited Rosco and discovered they have a massive stockpile of of Flexbond, so if you want it, they probably have it (for the time-being).  Meanwhile, thanks to tips from Angelique Powers and Diane Fargo through the FB guild page, I have received a 5g […]


  • Q&A with Rosco January 13, 2023
    On October 26th, 2022, Guild of Scenic Artists Vice Chair and Resource Director Bridgette Dennett held a Q&A webinar with Henry Cowen, a representative from the premiere company in Scenic paint, Rosco. The goal was to get an update straight from a company representative about production delays, price increases, recipe changes, and the future of many […]
  • Back to Black December 9, 2022
    Curious about which black stands up to wear better? Check out Steph Charaska's comparison of a few popular brands!

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