Join us May 16 for an afternoon webinar summit highlighting professionals from industries including film/TV, decorative finishing, historic architectural conservation, large-scale murals, and industrial hygiene. We’ll feature demonstrations, stories, and helpful windows into industries where your skills and interests as a Scenic Artist can find diverse applications.

Cost: FREE (attendance limited)

You’ll Learn

  • How to create the fastest and cheapest brick texture from a film/tv veteran
  • Helpful tips on job safety from a Scenic Artist-turned-Industrial Hygienist
  • ‘Beer Glazing’ from a decorative finishing master
  • A brief history of latex paint from a noted architectural conservator
  • Production processes and techniques of painting large-scale murals


  • Techniques on how to keep the body limber from a Scenic Artist who fights chonic back pain

You won’t want to miss this event!

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