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An Origin Story


This is our place to present interesting articles about things related to our industry, including the stories of your journeys as Scenics. I felt the first story told should be ours!

A little more than a year ago a small group of mid-west scenics started chatting about the lack of communication we felt existed among scenic artists nationwide. There’s not THAT many of us, our skills are pretty specific– we SHOULD be in constant contact with each other so that we can disseminate good information among the members of our field. We’re not sure why, but it never really evolved naturally as it did with other fields. Yes, a national email/forum list already existed, but it felt so…. 1998. Its use was limited. Facebook groups existed, but… Facebook. The five of us felt that scenics needed a connecting organization that would weather the storm of social media ups and downs. But, what would that look like?

Cue the road trip! Angelique, Sara, Lili, Tina, and Leslie all drove a couple of hours each and met at a coffee shop in Lacrosse, WI, to discuss that very question over coffee and croissants.

Our goal became more clear as we discussed it; our biggest needs were a functional database of scenic information, an easy-to-use forum set-up that could be photo-heavy, and an organized central location to post jobs and scenic-specific development opportunities. A place FOR Scenics and BY Scenics. Viola! The Guild of Scenic Artists was born! Easy right?

Many hours of work later, surveys, a fundraiser, the loss and gain of a committee member (Cheers, Leslie… Hi, Valerie!) and lengthy Google-Hangouts meetings later, we present to you our new little home,! From your generous donations, we were able to provide EVERYTHING that we had set out to. We couldn’t be more thankful to our colleagues, our donors, and more proud of what we’ve put together.

Valerie speaks for us all when she said “Connecting with scenics across the country is so important. Creative problem solving is what keeps me going in this industry, and there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience out there in all of these wonderful brains. I’m so excited to be part of making one home to bring us all together to share that knowledge and celebrate what we do and the unique ways we do it.”

Lili also speaks for us when she says “This was a lot of F***ing work. I hope people use it!

We humbly welcome you all and invite you to look around, become a member, use the forum, contribute to the wiki, and submit your stories to the Scenic Route for us all to share!

Your GoSA Team,

Tina, Lili, and Leslie!

Sara, Angelique and Valerie.











  1. Carrie Arlette 4 years ago

    Glad to see you up and running! Thanks for all the work. I’ve been a scenic for nearly 20 years now and there is STILL stuff I need help figuring out. That’s what is awesome about our job, there is always something new to learn.
    My associate, Sue DeConcini and I, Carrie Arlette (Ballenger) have been at McCarter since 2006. Sue was the first person I overhired and she was FINALLY given a staff position as Associate Charge last season. We feel like we’ve got some great ideas to share and look forward to learning some new tricks from the other members here.
    Congrats to the GoSA team for pulling this together!

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